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Celldorado er en verdens ledende underholdningstjeneste, spesialisert for mobil produkter som ringelyder, spill og skjermsparere. Vi tilbyr topp CPAs i 15 forskjellige land og vår unike nyheter av hits og artister sikrer en høy omsetning sats. Terms and Condition Affiliate will not bid for trademarks, brand names, brand related keywords and misspellings of brand names of Celldorado on search engines such as but not limited to, Google, Overture, Miva, and BT Look smart and any other "Paid For Listings" providers unless given express written permission by Advertiser. Affiliate is not allowed to mention Celldorado in the title/body of adverts or to use the URL of Celldorado, unless given express written permission by Advertiser. Any use of the intellectual property rights of or licensed by Advertiser - whether bidding for its trademarked keywords or any other use of its intellectual property without its written consent - will be considered a material breach of the Agreement and an infringement of the intellectual property rights of Advertiser unless given express written permission by Advertiser. Celldorado Strictly Prohibits Publishers From: * Advertising on adult sites * Advertising on p2p sites * Advertising on illegal download portals * Use of the word FREE or Gratis in the ads or in the display URL (The affiliates in no way should communicate or in a way imply through their promotions to the end customer that the services/products are FREE.) * Implying by use of similar words that the advertised products are free or at no cost to the customer. It is allowed to open Celldorado pages in a pop up window, however the Terms and conditions should at all times be accessible for the end user



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